The Bollard  

Lower Bollard Upper bollard
Lower BollardUpper Bollard

The Bollard bone anchor consists of a miniplate (M) with 2 or 3 holes, a round connecting bar (C) and a fixation unit (F) with a blocking screw (S). In the maxilla a 3 holes miniplate is used whereas in the mandible only 2 holes miniplates are used. The miniplate is fixed to the bone by selftapping monocortical miniscrews, 2 mm diameter and 5 mm length.  Only in the maxilla through the upper hole a screw of 7 mm length can be inserted. The fixation unit contains 2 slots with a diameter of 0.045” (1.1mm).  A square connecting wire with maximum size of 0.032x0.032” can be inserted and tightly fixed by the blocking screw.

 The Bollard with hook

Lower Bollard with hook Upper Bollard with hook
Lower Bollard with hookUpper Bollard with hook

The Bollard with hook is smaller than the original model and contains a tube with section 0.020x0.020”.  There is also a hook to fix directly elastics or coil springs.


All the bone anchors are made from pure titanium.  The 3 parts are manufactured from one piece of solid titanium without bending procedures.  Therefore no heat treatment is required which reduced significantly the risks for fractures. The bone anchors are gamma sterilized and double packed.


B-UL-21: Bollard upper left 21 mm
B-UR-21: Bollard upper right 21 mm
B-LL-16: Bollard lower left 16 mm
B-LR-16: Bollard lower right 16 mm


BH-UL-21: Bollard with Hook upper left 21 mm
BH-UR-21: Bollard with Hook upper right 21 mm
BH-LL-16: Bollard with Hook lower left 16 mm
BH-LR-16: Bollard with Hook lower right 16 mm



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